Discover our story: Trip2Rome, the experienced and dynamic transfer team operating in Rome, Fiumicino Airport, Ciampino Airport, and Civitavecchia Seaport. Our drivers are all professionals and among the most qualified in the tourism industry. Our strict hiring policies and performance-based incentives attract and retain the most qualified professional drivers available. Our professional drivers have the following qualifications:

– Rome Chamber of Commerce clearence

– Professional driving license

– Knowledge of English language

We take pride in offering our clients a reliable and high-quality transportation service. Our top priority is always the safety of our clients, and we strive to provide a comfortable and stress-free transfer service for all types of journeys.


Trip2Rome Transfer Service was founded in 2008 by Emanuele Colella, the owner and driver of the company. With years of experience in the tourist services industry in Rome, he decided to leverage his expertise and create a company that provides high-quality services to customers in an ever-expanding territory. At Trip2Rome, we pride ourselves on professionalism, quality, efficiency, and punctuality. Our company is dedicated to meeting every customer’s needs and expectations, from simple transfers to renting cars with drivers for VIP or economy services, including airport transfers, city-to-city transfers, conventions, meetings, weddings, birthday parties, and other events. Our commitment to professionalism and high-quality services ensures that we maintain strong relationships with our customers. With our passion and reliability, we make even the most ambitious goals achievable, and become a strategic partner for successful services. With Trip2Rome, every request becomes a high-quality service.

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